Pakistani Twitter Erupts In Outrage After The Rise in Petrol Prices

Petrol prices in Pakistan
Image Source: Samaa Tv/DAWN

Netizens took to Twitter to express their displeasure after petrol prices in Pakistan went up by Rs. 2.70 on Sunday. A notification issued by the Prime Minister office read that the petrol prices will go up for the month of February.


Geo News reported that light diesel oil will see a rise in price by Rs. 3, high speed diesel will go up by Rs. 2.88, while dearer and kerosene will be priced Rs. 3.54 more per litre. This means that a litre of petrol will now sell at a price of Rs. 111.90.

As soon as the information was shared, enraged Pakistanis took to the bird app to voice out their concerns. They talked about how the lower classes will suffer the most, as they are already having a hard time making the ends meet.


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One of the users spoke about the rising inflation and how it is burdening the masses. He even criticized the ruling government by sharing how this is the fifth time in six weeks a revision has been made in petrol prices in Pakistan.

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Another user shared PM Imran Khan’s tweet from the past where he had condemned the former government (PML-N) on a similar issue. She said how this is equally shameful too.

While other users commented on how this unfair for the poor citizens of Pakistan. They even said that rather than providing relief to the locals, the ruling government is time and again surprising them with price hikes.

Seeing the trend in the past few months, Geo News also predicted that fuel prices could see more revisions in the coming days.

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