People Share The Most Creative ‘Names’ Their Loved Ones Use For Saving Contact Numbers

creative contact names
Image Source: Pinterest/Twitter

Recently, a writer, Jennifer Wortman tweeted how her husband had shared her contact in his phone, that led to a discussion on twitter compelling people to comment down the most creative names their family and friends saved contacts with.

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The answers showed how much time and effort people put into saving contacts for a myriad of reasons, one of them being security concerns, iykwim!


While many of us opt for simple names to save our parents’ contact with, i.e. mom, ammi, mama, it looks like some of these users’ children literally put on creative caps before typing down the names.

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However, what spiced up this whole thread 1000x more was how people had saved contacts of their SOs.

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These responses are just plain brilliant!

For all the people wondering what’s wrong with saving your partner’s contact with first name and last name?

Here’s what!


What are some of the most creative contact names in your phones? Tell us in the comments.