Pakistanis Have The Last Laugh After New Zealand Beat India In The T20 World Cup

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Image Source: Twitter

Pakistanis couldn’t help but take a dig at Indians with memes on Twitter after New Zealand thrashed India by 8 wickets on Sunday. The black caps severely dimmed India’s chances of qualifying for the next stage of the T20 World Cup, and Pakistani Twitter couldn’t help but celebrate.

Whether it’s a cricket match or another worldwide event, Indians and Pakistanis are always looking for opportunities to poke fun at each other. And there’s no better opportunity than cricket, which is the dukhti rag of people on both sides of the border.

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So when they had a chance, Pakistanis on Twitter had a field day mocking India after the Kohli XI lost their second T20 encounter of the World Cup to New Zealand.

To make your Monday a little brighter and funnier than usual, we have compiled some of the funniest memes that came out after the India, New Zealand face-off.

A spot-on representation of Indians looking at their score in the points table.

Lol, Pakistanis taking a dig at Indians in the most savage way ever.

After back to back defeats, the men in blue have nothing left but to look back at the good old days.

Pakistanis now think that Lagaan’s team was way better than the current Indian cricket team.

After years of losing to India, Pakistanis have their moment to hit back at the Indian trolls.

And this meme gets the cake!

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