Pakistanis Give Conflicted Reviews As Sarfaraz Ahmed Tells Aalia Rasheed “Personal Na Hon” On Twitter

Sarfaraz Ahmed Aalia Rasheed
Image Source: DAWN Images/Twitter

Former Pakistan cricket team captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed didn’t find the joke of a renowned sports journalist i.e. Aalia Rasheed funny on his wife’s latest post on Twitter.

Well, here’s what happened… Khushbakht Sarfaraz put up a super cute video of her husband baking his signature pasta for her while wearing the baking mittens inside out.

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Seeing Ahmed put his cooking skills to use, young cricket player, Shadab Khan couldn’t help but have some fun with him.

“You’ve made our captain get to work as soon as he came back home bhabi,” Khan poked fun in his tweet.

Right-handed batsman, Hasan Ali also jumped in to crack a joke. He asked the captain why he had kept this talent a secret, followed by chuckles.

Adding to the thread of jokes, Khan pulled another one saying, “Next time Captain will make tea for us.”

This is where the sports Journalist, Aalia Rasheed chimed in to poke fun while referring to an incident that occurred in the past.

Rasheed replied to the post saying, “Bhai, go easy! You’re asking him to make tea when him giving away water created such a ruckus.”

With that, she tried to hint towards a social media outrage that was sparked during a Pakistan versus England match in 2020. At that time, images of Ahmed bringing water bottles for the team went viral on social media and netizens got upset at the fact that a senior team member was made to do this.

Clearly, the humor didn’t go down well with Sarfaraz Ahmed and he called out Aalia Rasheed on that. The former captain asked her to not comment on personal matters, at the same time asking the journalist to keep her opinions to herself.

As all of this happened publicly on the bird app, Pakistani Twitterati was divided on the matter. While some of them took sides with Ahmed, others advised him not to take a joke seriously.

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