If You Were Born In the 2000s You Probably Won’t Recognize These Pakistani Music Videos

Pakistani music videos
Image Source: Diva Magazine

If you can recognize these iconic Pakistani music videos from their stills, we can tell if you were born before or in the 2000s.

Which Amir Saleem song is this?

amir zaki
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You must have danced to it. Which music video is this?

fakhre alam
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Which iconic song is this?

ali haider
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Which famous classic is this?

najam sheraz
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Oh these neon suits! Can you identify the song?

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This video probably makes you miss your ex. Can you recognize it?

amir zaki
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We miss Amna Haq! Do you know what song is this?

Amna Haq
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Which catchy song was this video for?

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This used to play on repeat on PTV. Do you know this song?

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Do you know which music video is this still from?

nazia hassan
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Can you guess this one?

shehzad roy
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If You Were Born In the 2000s You Probably Won't Recognize These Pakistani Music Videos
Congratulations You're A True Millennial!
You've seen aplenty of music videos. That is so cool!
Hey looks like you're a Gen Zer!
You have seen quite a few videos, but not so much.

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