On World Cancer Day, Here Are 15 Everyday Cancer Causing Items You Should Know About

World Cancer Day
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Yes we all know by now that smoking causes cancer, but there some other surprising things that can give you the disease as well. So, on World Cancer Day, we have compiled a list of things to avoid in order to keep the threat at bay.


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1. Processed Meat

Meat that is treated either for preservation or taste is as dangerous as tobacco. It is linked to causing bowel cancer by WHO. This means sausages have carcinogens in them too.

2. PVC Shower Curtains

PVC or polyvinyl chloride curtains emit carcinogens in the air. If you have one in your homes, it’s high time you replace it with a cotton curtain.

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3. Styrofoam Cups

I don’t think any Pakistani can say no to drinking out of a Styrofoam cup. From cafeteria teas to cokes at parties, we’ve all used them at least once in our lives. They have a main ingredient called styrene that is linked to causing cancer. About time you ditch them, and go for paper cups.

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4. Sunlamps

A device used for tanning. It emits UV radiation, and so an overexposure of it can cause skin cancer.


5. Salted Fish

Salting is a traditional method that is used to preserve fish. Unfortunately, this produces carcinogenic by-products.

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6. Pollution

Polluted air contains dust and traces of metal that can give you cancer. Pollution is unavoidable, but what you can do is wear a mask! Even corona times call for it.


7. Leather Furniture

Leather furniture contains a carcinogen called chromium which can contribute to cancer development.

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8. Nail Salons

Study suggests that continued exposure to toxins at nail salons can cause an increased risk of a cancer called myeloma (tumor of the bone marrow).


9. Dry Cleaning

Prolonged exposure to chemical used for dry cleaning has been linked to causing cancers of esophagus, kidney and bowel.

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10. Household cleaning products

These cleaning products are famous carcinogens. They clean our homes but give us dangerous chemicals to inhale that eventually lead to cancer.

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11. Carbonated Drinks

Unhealthy consumption of carbonated drinks leads to obesity, which is a major risk factor of causing cancer.

Source: Aetna

12. Piping Hot Beverages

Burning hot drinks can be bad for the esophagus. Copious amounts of burning hot tea or any other hot beverage can lead to esophageal cancer.


13. Smartphones and other electronic devices

Cellphones are a major cause of concern as they can produce cancer causing agents.

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14. BBQ

Meat cooked at high temperatures can likely cause cancer of the colon, liver and skin.

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15. Petrol Fumes

These fumes are labelled as carcinogenic by the WHO. It is then equivalent to second hand cigarette smoking.

Source: News 24