Noor Bukhari Freaks Out After A Creepy Stalker Shows Up At Her Doorstep

Noor Bukhari
Image Source: The Express Tribune

Former actress and television host, Noor Bukhari encountered a rather perturbing situation recently, one that she also narrated in her Instagram stories.

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The 38-year-old told her followers that one of her admirers turned into a stalker and showed up at her doorstep one fine day, saying that she found her house through Instagram stories.

If that ain’t creepy…


A lady came to my house yesterday, saying she follows me on Instagram, Noor wrote. And after seeing my stories, she found my house.

Noor wants her fans to understand that only because celebs live a largely public life, does not mean they don’t deserve privacy. Showing up at someone’s place uninvited “makes you a stalker,” says Bukhari. She wants people to respect her personal space and not scare her like this.

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It is not okay to trace down celebs’ addresses and act like it is a completely normal thing because honestly, it’s not!


Listening to the story of Noor Bukhari, it won’t be wrong to say that social media has become a rather scary place. You never know who’s stalking you to a point that they even find out your house, ring your doorbell and say hello, like you’ve been best friends for ages!

Do people have no conscience these days? One can only pray for sanity to prevail on them all.

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