Netizens Call Out Hassan Nisar For Yelling At Reema Omer On A Talk Show

Hassan Nisar Reema Omer
Source: Twitter

Netizens schooled senior journalist Hassan Nisar for his rowdy behavior with fellow panelist Reema Omer during Geo Tv’s live show Report Card. Nisar kept shouting while Omer tried to put her point across. This did not sit well with the viewers as they took to the microblogging site to call out the journalist for his mansplaining.

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The two discussed how politics is done in Pakistan, and while Nisar had made his comments he did not let Omer speak or let her complete her comment. Nisar did not stop shouting even after she calmly tried to stop him.

That was savage!

Raise your words not voice!


People also questioned if this misogynistic trend will come to an end and if men will stop dominating conversations by raising their voice rather than their standards.

After all these years of practicing journalism, he could’ve done better than this. Kudos to Omer for keeping her calm despite being triggered multiple times.

Twitterati called him out for sure!


People believe such attitude is unacceptable and are questioning TV channel’s reasons behind giving airtime to people like Nisar.

Millennials commenting on the Boomers regressive attitude and deep-seated patriarchy

The woke generation is not holding back against year old customs and misogynistic attitudes for sure!

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You said it

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