Nadia Jamil Shares Her Terrible Experience With British Airways On Twitter, So This Never Happens Again

Nadia Jamil British Airways
Image Source: Samaa Tv

Celebrated Pakistani actor, Nadia Jamil, who recently shared that she was officially cancer-free, broke down at the Heathrow airport because of the way she was treated by the management at British Airways.

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On Sunday, a brokenhearted and humiliated Jamil took to the bird app to report the incident. She talked about how she was left stranded at the airport by the airline staff with her luggage thrown in a corner and a broken wheelchair that she could not move around herself.

Jamil said she was left alone to sleep at terminal 5 when she was on her way to Cambridge from Heathrow.

Jamil shared that it takes a lot to drain positivity out of her but the management really outdid themselves in apathy.

A teary-eyed Jamil recorded herself, speaking to her fans at the airport, to recount everything that she had been through.

 My nose is red because I’ve been howling and crying,” she said. “This is British Airways, that’s my luggage, here’s my wheelchair with no wheel, so I can’t even push it myself, no attendant, no one to help me, they all just walked off, leaving me, she continued.

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In a series of tweets, the Behadd actor iterated,

Shocking! I came to the airport at 6:30 pm, 11 pm this is me; drained and alone. I had informed the staff of my health. Why would they leave me like this? I kept speaking out for someone 2 help. Everyone ignored me after off-loading me. At least help me a little. Bad show.

Jamil furthered that her aunt recorded the whole incident on her phone, but the actor made her delete the footage until she found out it was legal to do so. She further said that had her aunt not been there, she would have had to call the police because that is how bad it got.

“The cab driver & my old Aunt had 2 pick me off the street when I fainted. I’m only saying this so you realize @British_Airways this should never happen 2 anyone again,” she concluded.

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