Ayesha Omar Shares How She’d Want Her Future Son To Be & You Go, Girl!

Ayesha Omar/ ayesha omar future son
Source: Baaghi Tv

The Bulbulay star, Ayesha Omar recently took to Instagram to reveal what she would want her future son to be like, and the thought is truly inspirational.

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The actor shared that she would want to raise her son differently, and teach him things that are opposite to our societal norms.

Model-cum-actor, Ayesha, is one of those celebrities who often speaks out against gender discrimination and is a strong advocate of human rights. So carrying forward those actions, she highlighted that she would want her future son to be warm, kind, and gentle. She further elaborated that I would not want my son to have those qualities that the world projects one needs to be a man.

She wrote, and we quote,

For my future son. And daughter. Insha Allah. Boys will be sensitive. Boys will be soft. Boys will be kind. Boys will be gentle. Boys will respect girls. Boys will be held accountable for their actions. Boys will be expressive. Boys will be loving. Boys will be nurturing. Boys will be different from everything the world has so far told them they have to be in order to be a man.

Even in the recent past, she called out a troll for making ageist remarks on Iffat Omar’s post on Instagram. She gave that person talking down and taught him a thing or two about manners.

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Ayesha Omar does not shy away from calling out the troublemakers and this is something she wants to pass on to her future son and daughter, i.e., to be empathetic, to be kind towards everyone. For that, we would like to cheer on her and tell her to keep going strong!

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