Nadia Hussain and Nabila Indulge In A Nasty Fight Over A Make-up Palette

Nabila Nadia Hussain
Image Source: Baaghi Tv/OK Pakistan

Seasoned model turned entrepreneur, Nadia Hussain, had a rift with the veteran make-up artist, Nabila over a make-up palette launch yesterday.

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Hussain took to Instagram to share a screenshot of her personal chat with the make-up guru, where she had accused the model of plagiarism.

Nadia has recently launched an on-the-go make-up product for her cosmetic line, which is an all-in-one make-up palette. You can use it on your car rides for touch up and just loosely fix your make-up, and is pretty handy too.

The product seemed to have hit a nerve with Nabila as she messaged Hussain on her personal number saying, “Don’t you have a brain of your own?” By this, she referred to how Nadia had introduced something similar to her Zero make-up palette, which has been in the market for quite some time now.

Things took a turn for the worse as the diva did not hold back from putting her foot down and reply back to the Mua’s belittling remarks.

Nadia texted back,

Firstly, it’s not your copyright item. Secondly, it’s a totally different product anyway. She added You [Nabila] are a brand on your own. Why should it bother you? No need to be insecure.

Nadia didn’t just stop there, she paired up the screenshot with a flared up caption since she just couldn’t stand the criticism coming her way.

This is truly what being insecure means! the model wrote, furthering, I am just shocked, speechless, appalled, confused, and yet feel victorious at the same time! For someone of Nabila’s repute, to stoop to so low and send me such an underhanded message on the launch of my product is just beyond me! I cannot tag her because she has blocked me.

To avoid social media backlash, Nadia Hussain shared a screen recording of her conversations with Nabila, so that no one could falsely accuse her of doctoring the images and making stuff up.

I have attached a quick scroll through of my conversations with her since 2019 for people to know that yes it was her who sent me that ridiculous message, and also a screenshot of a few digits from her phone number for those who know her personally so no one can say these images are doctored or that it was sent from someone else’s number whose name I had changed to her’s!

The make-up guru never replied back to the model, but she’s been subtly throwing shade at Hussain in her Instagram stories.

Nadia Nabila rift
Image Source: This Is Nabila Instagram

High-time both the celebs grow up and sort out their mess without taking it to social media.


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