Yellow Fungus Infection Emerging From India: Symptoms, Causes & Prevention

Yellow Fungus symptoms
Image Source: India TV News

The bacterial infections have existed way before the pandemic emerged in this world, said an Indian Pulmonary consultant, Dr. Navneet Sood.

However, with the recent emergence of cases of black, white and yellow fungus in India, people have started becoming more aware of them.


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With the recent spike in COVID cases in the country and detection of the yellow fungus in those patients, the infection is being linked to the novel coronavirus.

Dr. Sood, however, suggests that people with low immunity, other physical ailments, and even non-Covid patients are prone to this disease.

Here’s what you need to know about the symptoms, causes, and preventions of Yellow Fungus


Like any other bacterial growth, yellow fungus moulds develop in contaminated environments that lack proper ventilation.

Some of the other causes of a yellow fungal infection include prolonged use of steroids, uncontrolled diabetes, low immunity, co-morbidities, and unhygienic habits, the Indian Express reported.


As per the report of an Indian publisher, Financial Express, the symptoms of yellow fungus include loss of appetite, weight loss, and lethargy. Later on, the patients can also develop sunken eyes, or suffer from malnutrition which can eventually lead to organ failure. Some of the patients may also have slow healing wounds that have pus oozing out of them.


Just like COVID patients are advised to keep their rooms nicely ventilated, patients with yellow fungus too are advised to keep their environments clean and aerated. To avoid getting infected, one must adopt hygienic habits like washing hands frequently and disposing off stale food that could lead to bacterial growth.

More importantly, timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent the severity of the infection, so it is advised that one consults a doctor as soon as the symptoms appear.


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