MUA, Izat Bibi Transforms Into Iconic Legends Of Pakistan & Whoa, GIRL!

MUA Izat bibi
Image Source: Twitter

Pakistani-American make-up artist (MUA), Izat Bibi, is a goldmine of talent. And her Instagram profile speaks volumes about her skills.

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She’s using her craft to take the road less traveled. Izat Bibi uses make-up to transform herself into some of the finest iconic female legends of Pakistan. It’s her way of paying tribute to them.

She’s created several masterpieces so far, and it’s so awe-inspiring to see such talented Pakistanis across the globe. With those skills and stupendous recreations, she deserves all the praise.

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Izat Bibi is a blogger and a makeup artist who identifies herself as a Wakhi Pakistani American, at least this is what her Instagram bio reads.

Her posts are not limited to mere looks, they also have insights into those iconic women she has recreated. This way, her fans get to enjoy the looks and learn a thing or two about those icons.

The MUA, Izat Bibi, has created several iconic looks so far. One of our absolute favorites is that of Madam Noor Jehan. She recreated her signature look in an emerald green saree, bejeweled in a similar-looking neckpiece with a flower tucked in her loose bun.

The first look that she ever posted was of Madar e Millat, Fatima Jinnah, which was in honor of the Aurat March. Under that post, Izat mentioned that she would be “posting tributes to influential Women of PAKISTAN throughout the decades from the 40s until the present day, accompanied by makeup/outfit looks inspired by them.”

Izat has certainly lived up to her promise as she has recreated several spellbinding looks to date.

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