For Better Or For Worse: An Indian Couple Ties The Knot In PPE Kits After Groom Tests COVID Positive

Indian couple ppe
Image Source: The Indian Express

Just when you start to think the world cannot get more bizarre than this, a piece of even more absurd news pops up in your news feed that makes you facepalm really hard.

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One such bizarre incident happened in India’s Madhya Pradesh (MP) state.

Where the country is fighting one of the most lethal waves of coronavirus, an Indian couple defied all odds to tie the knot in PPE (personal protective equipment) kits after the groom tested COVID positive.


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A video of them taking wedding pheras went viral on social media a few days ago.

Indian couple ties the knot in PPE
Image Source: India TV

According to reports, the couple was denied permission to get married in such circumstances. However, they made several requests and after much contemplation, the Indian couple solemnized their wedding in PPE kits.

The ceremony took place at a wedding hall in Ratlam, the town of the Indian state of MP. There were 8 more people present at the occasion.

Given the circumstances in which the wedding took place, it won’t be wrong to say that this couple took the phrase “for better or for worse” a little too seriously.

Indian couple in PPE kits
Image Source: BBC

The details suggest an elderly member in the family, who was unwell, wanted to see the two get married. So, they broke all protocols to make this happen — wah!

According to reports, the 28-year-old groom may now face legal action for breaking COVID-19 SOPs. This is concerning because India’s official coronavirus death toll has now exceeded 200,000.

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