5 Reasons Why Alumni Networks Are Important For Pakistan’s Education System

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Education system has been struggling in Pakistan for as long as we can remember. There are 22.8 million out-of-school children in Pakistan of which 13 million are girls. This makes Pakistan a country having the second largest number of out-of-school girls in the world. In addition, every 10th out-of-school child in the world comes from Pakistan.

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This is where the concept of Alumni networks can come in handy. However, there’s a need to explain the benefits assoicated with the concept, so that all stakeholders involved can fetch maximum advantage from it.

So, here’s a look at 5 reasons why Alumni Networks are important for Pakistan’s education system:

1. Strong Role Models

The alumni networks produce strong role models for their respective communities. The success stories and experiences of alumni then are a source of encouragement to parents and out-of-school children.

Alumni Networks
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2. Better Employment Opportunities

Our education system lacks the concept of career counseling. Alumni networks hence can provide support in this regard, which can go a long way in the provision of better employment opportunities to young people.

Alumni networks

3. Expertise and Skills

The majority of the alumni offer their support by sharing their skills and experiences. This then allows the students to manage better their personal, academic, and professional issues. Therefore, it is understood that the expertise and skills that the alumni offer help students a great deal because the interaction eventually enhances leadership skills, and the ability to make key life decisions.

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4. Leadership

When Alumni go back to their high schools and colleges etc., they share their experiences with young people. This then serves as a shortcut of sorts for the next generation, and allows more and more individuals with decent leadership qualities by the time they graduate.

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5. Bringing Everyone Together

Finally, such networks have been known to bring the community, administration of schools and the public offices on the same page. This then helps in uplifting the education system on one hand and in improving the enrollment trade on the other.

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Does your educational institution have an alumni network? How are you benefitting from these networks? Please, share in the comments.