#MeToo: Ace Pakistani Director, Jami Reveals He Was Raped By A Man; Defends Me Too Movement

pakistani director Jami raped by media tycoon
Source: The News

In a Twitter thread that left Pakistan shocked to the core, ace Pakistani director, Jami revealed that some 13 years ago he had been raped by a media tycoon, who at the time was also his friend.

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Jami made this revelation after the #MeToo movement in Pakistan came under attack following the suicide of lecturer, Afzal Mehmood who had been falsely accused of sexual harassment.

In a hard-hitting thread, Jami shared that he had been brutally raped by a powerful media tycoon who was a friend at the time and for whom he was also working.

Jami went on to explain that when the assault happened – even though he was taller than his assailant – instead of fighting, he completely froze in shock and horror.

Like any female survivor of sexual violence, Jami was not believed – even by his close friends – when he shared the incident and the identity of his rapist.

Even his powerful friends who could have taken on the rapist shied away from confronting the powerful assaulter.

Thereafter the Moor director spent 6 months in therapy to overcome the trauma without much luck.

The man who had raped Jami also later showed up to his father’s funeral. Upon seeing him, Jami revealed in his tweets that he had run to his mother asking her to stop him from coming in.

This signifies the immense trauma that the sexual assault had inflicted on Jami, making him run for cover even as a grown, celebrated man himself.

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Echoing the experiences of the hundreds of thousands of victims and survivors, Jami said that the “running” and “hiding” is part of the pattern that follows after the assault.

Referring to the case of lecturer Afzal Mehmood’s suicide, Jami said, “…one wrongful death doesn’t mean all victims are fake and liars.”

In his final tweet, Jami called his thread a “suicide,” referring to all the hate and accusations that were likely follow.

Sexual assault, whether perpetrated against a man, woman or child leaves deep scares that unfortunately hold the power to completely overwhelm the senses at the mere sight of the assailant.

Pakistani director, Jami deserves all the love and support in the world for defending the MeToo movement at the risk of reliving the horror that he went through 13 years ago.


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