Memes Reach A New Level Of Funny As The Bitcoin Market Nosedives

Bitcoin crash memes
Image Source: Twitter

Bitcoin, which is the world’s most famous digital currency, took a nosedive recently when Chinese regulators announced that they will no longer be allowing transactions and trading in virtual money.

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Even Elon Musk, one of the most staunch supporters of cryptocurrencies, announced that his company Tesla will be discontinuing its use of Bitcoin for vehicle purchases.

In the midst of this mass confusion and bitcoin market crash, social media users got their ultimate fodder for memes. And this time around, it was a bit too hilarious.

The disaster guy, Musk, was probably one of the most fitting memes to represent the backtracking that the entrepreneur did in the cryptocurrency realm.

This one meme for all the panic buying and selling traders did last minute to mitigate their losses.

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Bitcoin users be like “jaan jaye par swag na jaye!

Scenes got a little too intense after the market took another dip.

Aag laga ke basti mein, Elon bhayya rahay masti mein.

These memes following the Bitcoin crash are painfully hilarious.

Elon to crypto traders: Kesa Diya?

Someone call 911, there’s an emergency!

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