After Meesha Shafi, More Women Share Stories Of Sexual Harassment By Ali Zafar

Sexual Harassment By Ali Zafar
Source: Express Tribune

Pakistan has literally been in a state of shock since last evening following Meesha Shafi’s sexual harassment allegations against Ali Zafar.

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Meesha’s bold statement has made way for other women to muster the courage and share their own stories of alleged harassment at the hands of Zafar.

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Leena Ghani, a make-up artist was among the first to endorse Shafi’s claims, stating in clear words that she herself had experienced sexual misconduct when in the presence of the 37 year old performer.

Journalist, Maham Javaid also came out with a similar story where she alleged Ali Zafar had tried to kiss her cousin and take her into a restroom with him. “Luckily,” she stated, “My cousin’s friends were there to push Ali Zafar off.”

Humna Raza, a blogger also shared a detailed note on Twitter in which she spoke of the ordeal that she faced when as a fan she requested for a selfie with Ali Zafar at a public event. Raza’s statement was filled with apprehensions of being bashed and called a liar but she said she could not remain silent and allow Meesha Shafi to suffer alone.

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With all these stories of harassment against Ali Zafar already out, we feel a Pandora’s box has been opened – one that should have been unlocked many, many years ago.

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More power to these brave women who are betting against all odds to speak-up against sexual harassment against one of the most powerful men in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

This is a developing story and will be updated as and when more information comes through.