Pakistani Entrepreneur, Mariam Nusrat Gets Onto Forbes “Next 1000 list” & Fantastic!

Mariam Nusrat Forbes
Image source: Daily Pakistan

A Pakistani female entrepreneur, Mariam Nusrat has achieved a big milestone by getting featured in “Forbes Next 1000 list.”

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The list celebrates businesses, self-funded shops, and sole proprietors in every region of the country that have below 10 million dollars in funding, revenue, or seed generation.

Nusrat is the mastermind behind GRID (Gaming Revolution for International Development) – a startup that is endeavoring to bring about behavior change through gaming.

She holds a Master’s degree in economics from both LUMS and George Washington University in the USA and is currently situated in Virginia, USA.

Mariam’s been successfully leading GRIDS’ team of Pakistan-based developers and designers for the past six years.

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Making it to Forbes is a big achievement, not only for Nusrat, but also for her fellow Pakistanis and the government as well. The government of Pakistan lauded the startup and its founder for her efforts in the world of entrepreneurship.

The magazine also celebrated the businesses’ in a thoughtful statement that read,

An entrepreneur’s journey is not linear — it is filled with a series of twists and turns; defeat is a natural part of the process, but what differentiates entrepreneurs on the Forbes Next 1000 List is their resilience in the face of adversity.

Mariam Nusrat began her entrepreneurial journey when she formed the non-profit arm for GRID – Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development, back in 2015. Since the get-go, she’s been celebrated across multiple platforms for her groundbreaking work.

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