JUI’s Mufti Aziz Ur Rehman Booked For Sexual Assault, But The Student Fears For His Life

Mufti Aziz ur Rehman
Image Source: Inc Pak

A leaked video of Mufti Aziz ur Rehman, a 70-year-old religious cleric, and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam’s leader, went viral on social media, where he was seen sexually assaulting one of his students.

The video infuriated Pakistani netizens and they demanded the authorities to take strict action against the cleric. Furthermore, they asked the religious seminaries to get rid of all their paedophiles.

The victim also released a statement saying ulema’s sons are after his life for exposing their father. The intimidation has gotten to a point that the boy is convinced he will take his own life, because for him, it is better than being killed.

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Following the incident, Mufti Aziz ur Rehman came to defend his act, claiming the victim consented to it and this was nothing but an attempt to get him fired from the madrassah.

I declare on oath that I did not do such an act in my consciousness. I was given something intoxicating and I was not conscious, he added.

Meanwhile the cleric’s membership from the party has been suspended and he along with his sons has been asked to leave the seminary.

In a recent development, the accused has been taken into custody for sodomizing the student for THREE years.

It is important to note here that even though there’s much brouhaha on social media around this deplorable issue, not much has been said and done on this matter by the religious clerics.

Pointing out the same issue, journalist Zarrar Khuhro exclaimed, “the ‘ulema’ and ‘Religious’ parties that rally against any hint of offence, be it malala, saba qamar or a doctored aurat march video are not just silent but colluding to protect those responsible for molesting children. Systematically and for decades.”

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