Airport Staff Was Caught On Camera Demanding Bribe From Pakistani Passengers For Coronavirus Clearance & It’s Enraging!

pakistani bribe coronavirus

Eversince Coronavirus has made its way out from China, countries are taking steps to protect their citizens.

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In the wake of Coronavirus outbreak, and Pakistan being at a high risk, the government of Pakistan has set up medical screenings at the airport.

But people are reporting that the medical staff there is demanding bribe from Pakistani passengers in return for Coronavirus clearance.

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Recently, a video has been making rounds on the internet claiming that the medical staff at an airport is demanding bribe from Pakistani passengers in the name of Coronavirus.

pakistani bribe coronavirus
Source: Twitter

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In the video, a man claims that doctors at the airport are demanding money and are threatening that they would send them to hospital in fear of having the Coronavirus.

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The coronavirus, now officially dubbed as “2019 novel coronavirus” (2019-nCoV), has left more than 2000 people dead in China.

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Doctors in China have advised patients to add dance in their routines to combat the Coronavirus as dance therapy can help improve symptoms.

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