Twitter Is Pointing-Out How Khadim Rizvi Had Belittled Edhi Sahab But In The End An Edhi Ambulance Carried His Mortal Remains

Khadim Rizvi Edhi
Source: Samaa TV

LAHORE: Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi, 55 died at a local hospital on Thursday night after a short bout of fever, leaving behind a widow, two sons, and two daughters.

It has been claimed that he had been suffering from fever for the last few days, which he apparently caught during his sit-in at Rawalpindi from November 15 to November 16

On November 19, his condition suddenly deteriorated and he fainted in the evening. He was taken to the Sheikh Zayed Hospital by an Edhi Foundation Ambulance. According to the hospital sources, he was pronounced dead after reaching the emergency ward.

Twitter is going wild at the fact how Khadim Rizvi berated Edhi and how his organization was willing to take him to the hospital.

Khadim Rizvi berated Abdul Sattar Edhi by calling him a beggar who asked for money to raise beggars

This shows that no matter who the person is, Edhi foundation is there to help, no matter what.

You can see people attacking the ambulance taking Khadim Rizvi to the hospital.

Edhi’s speech shows how much he cares for his people no matter what their race, religion or caste.

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Edhi is an amazing role model for all of us and we should learn from his kindness and care towards the people in need.