Jambulance: Students In Karachi Install Hybrid Technology In Bikes To Make It An Emergency Response Unit

jambulance karachi
Source: Urdu News

Students in Karachi have designed the first hybrid rescue bike in Pakistan called Jambulance.

The hybrid rescue bike runs on both electricity and fuel. So, in case of emergency if the bike runs out of fuel it can be switched to electric power. The hybrid technology has been installed in an ordinary bike.

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The aim behind this project is to make first aid rescue easily available in case of emergency and disaster struck areas. While ambulance can get stuck in traffic, a hybrid rescue bike can reach the location faster by taking narrow routes.

There is no industry in Pakistan that is currently producing a hybrid kit. So, the hybrid kit used in this emergency service had to be exported from China.

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Jambulane also comes with a smart helmet that has a camera installed in it that can be monitored all the time in the control room. In case the paramedic needs help from a specialist, he can share the live visuals and take assistance in providing first aid to the patient.

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Rescue 1122 is already working with bike ambulances in the country. These students want to work with them and introduce hybrid technology in their bikes to upgrade their rescue services.

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