10 Mind Blowing Innovations in 2020 You Must Know About

2020 innovations
Source: Capterra Blog

Did you ever wonder that a time would come that innovations or technologies wouldn’t surprise us? The answer is definitely NO and every other day there is something ridiculously mind blowing in the market or in the concepts. Truth be told, there is no limitation to a human mind’s imagination and curiosity to explore.

Here are 10 mind blowing innovations in 2020 you most definitely must know about!

1. Segway’s Mobile Chair

Innovation in small inter-city vehicles has advanced over the years.This self-balancing comfortable chair with 2 wheels is indeed a jaw dropping machine.

2. Bosch Virtual Sun Visor

Driving in to the sun and being blinded either by the sun or the visor is something we have all experienced. How about an artificial intelligence-based visor that only blocks the sun in your eyes by detecting your eyes? See for yourself.

3. Juno Drink Chiller

Everyone uses microwave for warming food but this is the complete opposite. A microwave to instantly chill your drinks. Something that’s very much needed.

4. Life Saber

This handy device is truly mind blowing. It’s a torch, a power bank, a GPS tracker, a water purifier and so on.

5. The Orba

This new kind of musical instrument is a tiny synth, looper, and MIDI controller that lets anyone make music immediately.

6. Air – Quirky

Air is a Bluetooth speaker system developed by Quirky. What’s innovative about Air is that it has 5 speakers attached to each other with magnets so you can use it as one at the same spot of can separate all and place them at different locations of the room or the hall.

7. JBL – Reflect Eternal Headphones

Charging your wireless headphones is often annoying especially if you are away from a power outlet. Fear no more, these JBL’s headphones have a built-in solar panel for charging so the headphones keep charging as long as you are in day light.

8. Pocketalk

This device is best for international travelers encountering languages they don’t understand. This intelligent pocket device can translate or interpret up to 70 languages.

9. Skytrek

Another cool gadget for travelers. This suitcase comes with a finger scanner for unlocking, a built-in GPS, removable, rechargeable battery and is made with material strong enough to keep your previous belongings safe.

10. 5G

While everyone can afford 3G and 4G phones, 5G is quite expensive when it comes to phone capability and data cost. Nonetheless, it is expected that by 2024 5G networks will be used by around 40% of the global traffic.


Do you know of any innovations in 2020 that everyone should know about? Share in the comments below!