No Marvi Sirmed, It’s NOT Okay To Ridicule The First Lady To Score A Political Point Over Imran Khan

marvi sirmed tweet
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Marvi Sirmed has once again managed to stir a storm in a teacup with a tweet – that can only be described as plain vile – directed at Prime Minister Imran Khan and the First Lady.

It is ironic that Marvi Sirmed who has previously worked at rights based organizations such as Aurat Foundation and UNDP thought it was appropriate to use sexual innuendos and objectify the First Lady Bushra Maneka for the sake of a few reactions from netizens.

As anticipated, social media is filled with strong reactions after Marvi’s tweet.

The Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari refused to share the distasteful tweet but she did point at Sirmed’s lack of integrity.

Her tweet had many wondering why, Marvi – who has been subjected to misogyny and abuse herself – was so unempathetic when it came to other women?

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Digital Rights Activist Nighat Dad also weighed in…

As the condemnations poured in, Marvi did have a chance to apologize and retract her tweet. But as better sense hardly ever prevails where fragile egos are involved, she chose to double down. 

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Ironically, Marvi recently – very rightly – called out PTI minister Amin Gandapur for his misogynistic remarks against Maryam Nawaz Sharif.

So Marvi can you walk the talk?

Although most of the commentators have not explicitly called out Marvi Sirmed on her callous and sexist tweet, but some have used this opportunity to point fingers at Pakistan’s feminist and liberal discourse.

And so, Marvi Sirmed has not merely hurt the sentiments of women and feminists across the board, she has also managed to cause damage to the country’s progressive movements.

We conclude this rant with Marvi’s Twitter header!

marvi sirmed twitter
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Agreed! But do bear in mind that neither do vile, regressive people make history and even if they do they are never remembered with kind words.

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