Ishaq Dar’s Interview With Stephen Sackur On BBC’s Hard Talk Sparks Meme Fest

Ishaq Dar Stephen Sackur
Source: YouTube

Ishaq Dar, a close aide to Former Primer Minister Nawaz Sharif and PMLN leader got roasted by Stephen Sackur in an interview on BBC’s famous show HARD TALK.

BBC journalist is notorious for his grueling questions with his guests. Ishaq Dar seemed at a loss of words on multiple occasions during the interview.

Soon after the interview was published, bits of it were shared across twitter where social media users took a dig at Ishaq Dar and it was hilarious.

When Sackur asked Dar if he was here to evade the judicial proceedings in Pakistan

Ishaq Dar puzzled at Stephen Sackur questions about his assets and corruption of his political party

This one particular twitter user pointed how this was not a Pakistani talk show where questions are curated on guest’s choice.

Dhamaal references never get old. They seamlessly fit in almost every situation.

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When you come unprepared for an exam

Capital Talk vs Hard Talk. This is Gold!

Yes, this is what we’ve been thinking too. Who on Earth made him go to that talk show?

And Dar said he only owned ‘one’ property. Read the thread for more details

This is going to give Ishaq Dar nightmares for life

The changing facial expressions say it all. ‘One’ property his ‘sole residence’

Ishaq Dar facing Stephen Sackur like

Meanwhile, PTI fans are rejoicing

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