Hate Aside, India Is Seriously Spiraling Into Extremism Under BJP’s Narendra Modi, Amit Shah & Ajit Doval A.k.a. The MAD Trio

Modi Amit Doval
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A look at the events in India since the rise of Bharatya Janta Party’s (BJP) infamous trio – PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval – points at a dark and dreary chapter in the South Asian country’s history.

Souce: Indus Dictum

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Under the Modi administration a 400 per cent spike of violence has been observed against Muslims, Christians and those who eat or carry beef, as reported by several sources.

It is also documented that 66 per cent of hate crimes in India in 2018 occurred in states governed by Modi’s BJP.

Source: The Week

Anti-Muslim Riots

Source: The Print

Ever since BJP came into power, violence against religious minorities, specifically against Muslims has been on the rise.

According to Factchecker.in, an organization that tracks hate crimes, to protect their cows, the Hindu extremists have led 186 attacks against religious minorities since Modi’s rise to power. These attacks left 46 people dead.

One such incident that caused much uproar on social media and in different quarters of India was the lynching of Tabrez Ansari, a 22 year old, in Jharkhand, Ahmedabad, India. A group of men tied him to a tree and lynched him, forcing him to chant “Jai Shri Ram” (Hail Lord Ram). He died in a hospital in India few days later.

Source: The Logical Indian

A Muslim member of the parliament, Asaduddin Owaisi, raised his voice against this violent act asking:

There has been not one word from the Prime Minister or the Home Minister, Amit Shah, about this horrific incident in Jharkhand. Why this silence? These incidents are not going to stop.

Several events of similar nature occurred against the Muslim minorities within a week after Tabrez’s lynching. A 26-year-old Muslim teacher was thrown out of a train in the eastern state of West Bengal, after being forced to chant the same slogan.

In the same week, a Muslim cab driver was beaten up by a group of men at night. Once again, the group asked the hapless man to chant their holy slogan.

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Delhi Riots

Source: Op India

One of the darkest riots to go down in the Indian history are the riots of Northeastern Delhi that started in late 2019 and carried on till early 2020 against the controversial Citizen Amendment Bill.

Small peaceful protests in some areas of Northeastern Delhi turned into full blown riots after one of the BJP leaders ordered to get the blocked roads cleared.

Armed Hindu mobs rioted while the police appeared unaffected. Mosques, homes and shops owned by Muslims were attacked and vandalized. Several visuals of the rioters forcing badly beaten Muslim men to recite the national anthem went viral many times over. However, not much changed for Indian Muslims even in the face of damning visual evidence identifying the violent hate criminals.

Kashmir Placed Under Lockdown

The largest Muslim majority state under Indian control was placed under complete an undemocratic lockdown. For months, millions of Kashmiris, entirely cut from the rest of the world, braved the brunt of a vengeful government. Their ordeal continues as you read.

Source: New York Times

Cow Vigilante Attacks

Source: Op India

Another excuse for violence that has lately become a routine item in Indian news deals with “the protection of the cow.”

Once more, this has become a reason for singling-out and lynching minorities.

That India, branded as the world’s largest democracy not very long ago, is hastily spiraling into extremism is no longer a phenomenon that is debatable. The descend is real. And for as long as the Modi, Amit and Doval trio remains in charge, it is safe assume that the darkness is permanent.

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