TV Host Imran Khan Under Fire For Illegally Hunting Birds In Chakwal

Imran Khan Hunting Chakwal
Source: YouTube/Twitter

According to reports, a case has been registered against TV anchor Imran Riaz Khan for illegally hunting black and grey Partridges in protected area of Diljaba, Chakwal, Punjab.

Meanwhile, the Wildlife Department Chakwal has suspended Ghulam Rasool, Deputy Director Wildlife (OPS) Salt Range, Chakwal for involvement in illegal hunting in the protected area.

Assistant Director Wildlife Chakwal Abid Mirza along with his team confiscated the vehicle and arrested two poachers and imposed a fine of Rs150,000 on them.

Renowned anchorperson and senior journalist Hamid Mir was quick to call out this elitist behavior. He mentioned how killing score of birds and that too unique birds in a protected area is nothing but abuse of power and display of ones riches.

This incident reeks of privilege. We know how influential people play their VIP card to get out of trouble easily.

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Journalist and political commentator Asma Shirazi supported Hamid Mir in his stance and implied how ‘real’ perpetrators are not brought to justice.

Anchor Believes This Is All A ‘Sazish‘ Against Him

Imran Khan has been notorious for his hunting expeditions; and vehemently defends his hobby for hunting.

The GNN host said in his defense, “scores of birds from different hunters were collected and spread on my jeep.” He pointed out, “if you look at it closely, you’ll notice how they were taken out from the freezer; and are in fact ‘geelay teetar.’

He believes this is all a conspiracy against and an effort to malign his character.

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Social media users were outraged over illegal killing of precious birds. They were quick to call out Imran Riaz Khan for bogus explanations

How can we forget that journalists are the first to condemn the rule breakers. But when it comes to them, they aggressively stand by their stance and justify their misdoings.

This is not something new for Pakistan. Hunting is enjoyed as a hobby by many in this country and there have been many events in the past where people in power were seen glorifying their hunts. Let’s see if justice prevails.

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