Pakistanis Tell Imaan Hazir & Shireen Mazari To Keep Their Larai Ghar Pe After The Two Engage In An Online Brawl

Shireen Mazari Imaan Hazir
Image source: Geo/Twitter

The Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari, and her daughter Imaan Zainab Mazari-Hazir, a lawyer by profession engaged in a brawl on Twitter yesterday. The online spat between the mother-daughter made the netizens go like is larayi ko ghar pe rakho, bhayi!


The argument primarily focused on whether the government’s alleged “use of magic” to run the state’s affairs should be the focus of public discussion.

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“It all started when Imaan set the ball rolling with her tweet that said if the country was to be run by witchcraft, why was so much taxpayer money being squandered on the prime minister’s bloated cabinet? The country is being ridiculed with witchcraft and you don’t want to talk about those who practice magic. That will never happen,” she wrote.

A triggered Shireen hit back at her daughter, saying, ”I am ashamed you would resort to such low, personalized, unsubstantiated attacks — especially since as a lawyer you should know that without any proof hurling such accusations is defamation.”

“When all substantive issue-based criticism fails this level of a base personal attack is plain shameful,” Shireen continued.

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Pakistani Twitter was, however, befuddled by this interaction and they wondered why it all happened online.

They wondered why the Twitter exchange happened in the first place when they practically live under the same roof.

Why fight online when you can go talk to your kid in person.

Some people suggested ways to help them keep their fight under wraps… like using WhatsApp!

…Or go to her room and talk to her face-to-face.

Or talk it out on the dinner table…

Others thought it was a remake of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Then there were some who were thoroughly entertained by the spat between Shireen Mazari and Imaan Hazir Mazari.

While some felt safe over not having their mums on Twitter.

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