If You Have No Idea When These Historical Pakistani Events Took Place, You Need To Take A History Class Right Now

Historical Pakistani Events Quiz
Source: Ali Express, Travel Safe, Wikipedia & Dailly Times

This fun quiz will test if you know when these historical Pakistani events took place, I hope you did some research before taking this quiz.

When was the first time Nawaz Sharif was elected as the Prime Minister?

Nawaz Sharif
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When was Pakistan's first coin issued?

Pakistani Coin
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When was Karachi declared as the Capital of Pakistan?

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When did Ayub Khan become the first elected president?

Ayub Khan
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When did Pakistan join Commonwealth?

Commonwealth Flag
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When was the "Lahore Resolution" endorsed?

Lahore Resolution
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What date was All-India Muslim League formed?

All India Muslim League
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What year did Mohammad Iqbal propose the creation of a separate Muslim state?

Allama Iqbal
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What year did Pakistan win Cricket World Cup?

Pakistan World Cup 1992, Waqar Younis 92 World Cup
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When did Pakistan become a member of the United Nations Organization?

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If You Have No Idea When These Events Happened, You Need To Take A History Class Right Now
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You're too invested in the present to bother with all of those things that happened many years ago. You should give the quiz another shot.
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You know practically everything that ever happened. If it took place in the past, you know about it. You are like a human History Book.

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