“Mission Accomplished!” Shehzad Roy Finds Hunza Boys From Viral Video & Gifts Them Musical Instruments

Shehzad Roy Hunza boys
Image Source: DAWN/Twitter

Singer Shehzad Roy recently posted on Twitter that he had successfully delivered musical instruments to Hunza boys, whose video went viral on social media, in which they were seen using tin cans and containers to play the music for their marching band.

A month earlier, the Teri Soorat singer had shared a video of a group of these children to ask the Twitter fam to help him locate them.

“Please, somebody, tell me where are these kids and I’ll give them all the instruments they need,” he’d captioned his video.

As he posted the video on his socials, his fans informed him that the kids were from Hunza. Soon after, the video gained traction, so much so, that the actor from across the border, Anupam Kher also shared it. However, Kher misunderstood the background of those kids and wrote,

“Some kids in a village in India have formed their own band together,” the actor wrote while sharing the video. “This band does not have any modern equipment. And what a tune they have chosen of the military band. Because they know that ‘the real power lies in the heart!’ Hail to these children.”

Roy then promptly corrected his misconception and responded to him:

“Thanks for sharing the video I shared a few days back. You say that these talented kids are from Bharat, a humble correction, these kids are in fact from Hunza, Pakistan. I am in touch with them and have sent them all the musical instruments they need.”

Kher then immediately corrected himself in his response to the singer on Twitter,

 “Dear Shehzad Roy! I stand corrected, my friend. I loved the video. Keep up the great work you are doing with these kids!! Love and prayers always!!”

As all of these exchanges were taking place on Twitter, some of the people were busy locating those kids, and locate they did.

Finally, after a month-long kaavish, the singer was not only able to find those children but was also successful in delivering the musical instruments to them.

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Upon tracking down those Hunza boys, Shehzad Roy found out that the video was actually 10 years old and the kids in the clip weren’t kids anymore, he told that in a Twitter post.

Despite the delay, the singer and UNODC Goodwill Ambassador was ecstatic to have achieved the goal and he even thanked everyone who helped him play his part in giving back to the community.

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