In Pictures: The Havoc Caused By The Mexico Earthquake & The Hazardous Tsunami Waves

mexico earthquake tsunami
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A powerful earthquake of 7.4 magnitude hit the south side of Mexico triggering hazardous tsunami waves.

The US Geological Survey stated, “A magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck offshore Oaxaca, Mexico, on June 23, 2020, at 11:30 a.m. ET. Seismic instruments indicate the earthquake originated at a depth of 16 miles (26 km).”

Mexican authorities have confirmed that four lives were lost near the epicenter of the earthquake at mountain state Oaxaca.

In September of 2017, Oaxaca was struck by an earthquake of 8.1 magnitude which took more than 90 lives. 

In addition to the death toll, mountain roads connecting Oaxaca and the coast line also got blocked due to falling rocks. Several buildings were damaged in the mountainous area of Oaxaca.

Numerous videos during the earthquake were posted showing the citizens in utter panic as the earthquake jolted Mexico, shook the buildings and caused tsunami waves.

Relief and rescue efforts are underway in the affected region.

Mexican authorities are working towards providing relief to the affected citizens, clearing the rubble of the damaged buildings, clearing the mountain roads and ensuring that citizens aren’t trapped under the collapsed structures.

Citizens holding on to wall during the earthquake. via
Policemen clearing the rubble of a damaged building. via
Local policeman stands guard in front of a collapsed building.

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People gathered in the street as the 7.4 magnitude earthquake trembles Mexico. -via ecns
Land slide blocked the mountain road and destroyed a vehicle. via Mexico News Daily
Several buildings damaged in the state of Oaxaca . via Mexico News Daily
A man trying to clear the rubble of the collapsed building. via Seattle Times