I Am Very Certain That You Did At Least 8/10 Of These Things As A Kid

Things Kids Did
Source: Reddit & en.dopl3r.com

Don’t you think that childhood is a magical time of life? It’s great to remember certain little things we all did when we were kids. Screaming in front of a fan to make you sound like a “robot” is one of the most common.

1. Stabbed the life out of your eraser.

Source: Pinterest

2. Tried to push all the colors down at the same time.

Source: eBay

3. Poured glue over your hand, let it dry, and peeled it off.

Source: Pinterest

4. Broke a ball point pen for no good reason.

Source: en.dopl3r.com

5. Looked outside the car window on a rainy day, drawing pictures on the condensation.

Source: Budget Glass Nanaimo

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6. Made a very powerful marker sword and have it immediately snap in two.

Marker Sword
Source: Reddit

7. Drew this exact sun in the corner of every drawing you made.

Source: Reddit

8. This “robot voice” could keep us entertained for hours.

Source: Reddit

9. You tried to weigh your hand, arm on a weighing scale.

Source: Brightside

10. Balanced the switch between on and off.

Source: Reddit

Let us know in the comments, how many of these you did as a kid?