I Adopted A Stray Dog & He Turned Out To Be A Better Pet Than A Thoroughbred

stray dog pet

I was born an animal lover and having multiple pets at home has always been my dream. My husband calls me, “The Animal Whisperer” because of how animals get attracted to me especially dogs and cats. Every time we are out on the road and I see someone walking their dog, I make sure we stop the car so I can pet the dog.

A few months ago, one of my cousins dropped a stray dog at my place since I wanted to see if I could take the responsibility of properly caring for a pet canine. The dog is light brown so I being crazy about names, named him “Brownie.” The poor creature in an entirely new environment had no clue what was happening!

Seven months later, I am proud to say that the stray dog I adopted had turned out to be a better pet than a thoroughbred, and here is why!

1. He is Just Adorable

The fact that Brownie is nice and friendly to another level is just adorable. He doesn’t bother anyone, roams around in the sector the whole night, sleeps the whole day.


2. Is he Smart?

YES! It was quite late that I realized how smart Brownie is. He knows our waking up schedule so he knocks on the gate to let us know that it’s time for him to get in. Have not seen many dogs doing that.

3. Attention Seeker

Every pet wants attention but Brownie has special needs when it comes to attention. He wants his ears and belly rubbed, he likes being talked to and gets very upset if he is ignored. Cute!

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4. Fighter and Survivor

Brownie explores the world at night and often gets into fights with other dogs and I am sure even with wild boars. It’s normal for him to come home with bruises and cuts and gets taken care of but this doesn’t stop him from getting into late night brawls.

5. Good Listener and Obedient

I never expected a stray to be obedient and to actually listen to commands. Brownie actually listens and stops doing things if he is told so. It’s quite interesting how he has adjusted with me.

If I didn’t have Brownie, I would’ve certainly paid a huge amount to get another dog but I am glad I got him because now I have nothing more to ask from life!

What do you love the most about your pet? Share your pet stories in the comments below!