5 Reasons Why D-12 Is The Best Sector To Live In Islamabad These Days

D-12 islamabad

Islamabad with its stunning landscape, unique greenery and breathtaking mountains, is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Some say that Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And if you have been living in Islamabad for more than 20 years, then you have definitely seen it grow in population and size.

Any city’s economic growth comes at a loss of natural habitat. Unfortunately, that is the price to pay when it comes to development. However, somehow the sector D-12 of Islamabad has still managed to preserve that habitat and undoubtedly is the best sector to live in Islamabad these days.

Here are 5 reasons why D-12 is the best sector of Islamabad!

1. The Breathtaking Beauty

It is right next to the Margalla Hills. The view from any corner of the sector is surreal. It feels like you can just touch them if you tried.

2. The Pleasant Breeze

D-12 always has a pleasant breeze blowing. They often tend to turn in to wildly insane winds. But eventually, you get the hang of them and they stop scaring you. You start to enjoy them even.

3. It’s Quiet and Not Crowded

The small population of this sector adds to the beauty of it as it is still untouched, unexplored, unscathed.

d12 islamabad

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4. No Load shedding

Not exactly sure about other sectors but there is no electricity load-shedding at D-12. Not even the four hours of monthly maintenance. So, generators and other power back-ups are useless here.

5. The Natural Habitat

Lastly, and this is coming from me because I am a huge animal lover. You get to see all the unusual animals and insects that were so much a part of Islamabad in the 90s and before that. Animals/insects like centipedes, millipedes, caterpillars, butterflies, fireflies and Chameleons, wild boars, porcupines, beautiful birds, stray dogs, lots and lots of stray dogs and sometimes, snakes even. I am sure for someone who has recently moved into Islamabad, these things would be nothing but creepy but for the kids who were born and have lived all their lives here, these things were a part of this city’s habitat.

What’s the best things about the area you live in? Share in the comments below!