How Patriotic Are You? This Pakistan Trivia Quiz Will Test How Well You Know Your Country

Pakistan Trivia Quiz
Source: iStockphoto, Heritage Times, Pinterest & Dawn

This patriotic quiz will test how well you know Pakistan. Answer these easy questions to find out how patriotic you really are.

What is the official name of Pakistan?

Pakistan Flag Gulf News
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What is the national language of Pakistan?

Pakistani Languages Daily Times
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What is the most populous ethnic group in Pakistan?

Pakistan Population Dawn
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What is the most popular religion in Pakistan?

Badshahi Mosque CNN
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What does Pakistan means in Urdu?

Urdu Language Pinterest
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When is Pakistan's independence day?

Pakistan Dawn
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Who was the second Prime Minister of Pakistan?

imran khan twitter Twitter
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Which picture is on the back side of "Hundred" Rupee?

Pakistani 100 rupees Pinterest
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True of False. Quaid-e-Azam was older than Allama Iqbal.

Jinnah and Iqbal Heritage Times
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Which continent is Pakistan located in?

Increasing global interconnectedness has created a crisis of human security that demands the formulation of strategies that transcend national boundaries. Pinterest
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How Patriotic Are You? This Pakistan Trivia Quiz Will Test How Well You Know Your Country
You Failed!

Patrick Booing/ Fail

Sorry to inform you but you're not very patriotic. You're not the kind to parade down the street in your green and white attire.  Don't be afraid to express your patriotism. 
You did alright!

Pakistan Independence Day

We know you're a real patriot deep down. You're simply a little more reserved than others. Don't be scared to raise the Pakistani flag high.

Pakistan Independence Day

You scream green and white. You radiate patriotism from your pores. Now go cook yourself a delicious Biryani. You certainly deserve it. Be proud of your nation and celebrate it loudly!

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