Abdullah Qureshi Seems Sorry-Not-Sorry For His Problematic Behavior With Women

abdullah qureshi problematic behavior
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Women have been coming out calling harassers for their problematic behavior after Noor Mukadam’s brutal murder, and the freshest addition to the list is the popular singer, Abdullah Qureshi.

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Recently, many women and girls exposed the singer for sliding into their DMs and sending them inappropriate messages. Soon after the exposé, Abdullah Qureshi took to his Instagram stories to apologize for his problematic behavior. However, people are not buying his ‘half-assed’ apology and are claiming that he has only come forward to save his career.

Here’s what the statement looked like:

In his apology, the ‘Dastaan’ singer stated that he is sorry for his actions and apologetic to everyone who he has harmed in any way. He even went on to ask people to remove anything related to ‘this’ because according to him, it has affected his career, and will also affect his newly born daughter.

I apologise to everyone for all this. I won’t blame my drunken state because it was me at the end of the day. But yes, I did have a drinking problem and I do have fetishes. But everyone has fetishes.

He further clarified his apology saying ” It is not about that [his fetishes],” but about “messaging randoms.” He further stated, “Yes, I did have that problem too but I stopped when I had my daughter. I apologise to her for being the worst dad.”

Abdullah Qureshi apology
Image Source: Instagram screengrab

BUT, that’s a big one! Women and the supporting men are not buying his non-apology. They are of the opinion that it is common for predatory men to hide behind women (oh, the irony!) to save their faces. The pop singer literally used his daughter for exemption, claimed a Twitter user.

Moreover, one Instagram user came forward to completely annul Qureshi’s apology, saying that it is completely ‘performative.’ She shared that the singer messaged her “barely 18-year-old sister” almost a week ago. The user even shared screenshots of their conversation, by asking to remain anonymous.

screenshot of a user who called Abdullah Qureshi's apology performative
Image Source: Instagram

Here’s the proof:

Abdullah Qureshi's DMs
Image Source: Instagram
Abdullah Qureshi's DMs
Image Source: Instagram

And the rage after his apology continues…


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