Hilarious Exchange of Rising Petrol Price Memes Between Pakistan And India Will Leave You In Splits

Petrol Price
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Thanks to the rising petrol price, both Pakistan and India are exchanging hilarious memes that are bound to leave you in splits!

During the last few weeks, petrol price has increased in Pakistan like never before. Currently, the price of petrol is 145.82 PKR per litre which has understandably left the Pakistani public enraged. And apparently, even India is going through the same problem as petrol prices there have gone upto 103.97 INR per litre. Needless to say, both countries are pressurizing their respective governments to improve the situation.

Commenting under the hashtag #petrolPrice and #PetrolDieselPrice, people from both countries are now exchanging hilarious memes and tweets.

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One Indian netizen is concerned that people will be purchasing petrol in sachets soon!

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Another Indian netizen explained the situation a little differently!

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One Indian netizen suggested that paying a fine is cheaper than paying for petrol.

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Pakistanis decided to join in with their own brand of humour.

And of course, Pakistanis are creative people!

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Some blamed the PM for the situation!

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Because “P” Sae Propose Bhi Hota Hy Aur Petrol Bhi!

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Explaining The Situation, Bollywood Style!

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