36 Thoughts That Crossed My Mind While Watching The Interview of Ex-GB Chief Judge’s Son, Ahmed Hassan Rana With Shahzeb Khanzada

Ahmed Hassan Rana
Source: Geo News /YouTube

1. It’s always nice to see the Quaid’s picture hanging on the wall during such interviews.

2. Shahzeb Khanzada’s voice is so loud, I thought he had an amplifier in his throat. The guest speaker sounds as if he just got out of bed.

3. Is it just me or is there anyone else who feels as if Ahmed Hassan Rana sahab hasn’t had his morning coffee yet. Why does he sound so sleepy?

4. Did I just see a guest speaker say on air that he’s in a hurry to play snooker? At 10pm?

5. At your age, obviously your friends are going to crack jokes about you needing your father’s permission to play snooker at night. Ahmed Hassan Rana sahab! What else were you expecting?

6. I really want to be a part of his friends’ group chat right now. I am desperate to see the jokes they are cracking there.

7. Can’t say if I’m shocked or amused about the fact that the ex-Chief Judge is a typical desi dad in real life.

8. Rana sahab, mere maa baap bhi aisi hee sakhti karte hain mere saath. Or yehi sakhti iss mulk ke croron bachein jheel rahe hain. Tou kya?

9. Why is this man talking about his father’s strictness with a news anchor in detail? That too on air!

10. Not to be too critical about your pain, Rana sahab, but did you consider sneaking out at night to play snooker? Or come up with a good lie to keep your parents off your back? Because for someone who seems like an obedient son, you don’t sound too pleased about obeying them.

11. Maybe he needs new friends. His current friends don’t look too interested in listening to his stories, I guess.

12. First he complains about his father on air, now he’s talking about his wife too?

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13. His father really loves to see dates on his document, huh?

14. I’m seriously feeling sorry for the anchor right now. How is he keeping a professional attitude inspire of all this?

15. Why is the entire nation learning about the daily habits of a retired judge? TMI!

16. The anchor is going to ask questions, Ahmed Hassan Rana sahab! For that matter, every lawyer and reporter that you come across will also ask you questions.

17. If this man can tell us about his father’s harshness towards him, he can also tell us the court proceedings that the anchor is inquiring about.

18. Today I learnt that I’m being grilled by a reporter on air, I can always remind them that I have to go somewhere to deflect them.

19. That’s a very nice cup of tea he’s holding right now.

20. He’s finally answering some of the anchor’s questions!

21. Now Rana sahab is telling us about where he was born? Why is he doing that?

22. On second thought, I can see why this guy doesn’t have that many friends to talk to.

23. My Pakistani parents order me around the house too. Unfortunate, but can’t escape it.

24. I can’t really tell whether I should laugh or cry about how his father gives his son commands.

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25. Har cheez ke liye time chahiye hota hai, sahab! But sadly, no one is willing to wait that long.

26. Judging from the conversation right now, I feel as if the anchor has lived longer than you, Rana sahab.

27. Shahzeb Khanzada really needs to ask for a raise for keeping a straight face like this!

28. The guest is resorting to reading scripted answers now? What else is new?

29. Has his father ever considered hiring a publicist? Even once?

30. Now he’s going to call his father? This is getting really weird!

31. 8 seconds of silence while the guest tries to reach his father through cellphone…

32. Why is he telling his father that he can simply refuse to answer a question in front of the world? I am cracking up right now.

33. He is saying his father says, “No comments.” Now I’ve truly seen everything!

34. At this point, Rana sahab should just show us the record of his cases as wall because he has told us all about his family life so candidly.

35. Finally it ended!

36. What on earth did I just watch?

Courtesy: Geo News YouTube channel