#Googledown Memes Flood The Internet As YouTube, Gmail & Google Servers Go Down

Via Twitter

Internet hit gold as Gmail, YouTube and Google suffered a global outage. #Googledown trended on social media as people all over the globe went on a meme spree.

Life without Google is unimaginable and life seems unfunctional without it, so one can always imagine the word coming to a halt once that happens.

Zoomers and millennials took to social media to express the shared pain over #Googledown, and it was a laughter fest I tell you.


Let’s have a look at some of the absolute gems to come out of this global incident. Netizens are dayumm FUNNY!

Time to HIT BACK!

HAHAHAHA, this both funny and painful

How do I Google why Google is down?

OUCH! The struggle is real

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We’re basically too dependent on Google for everything in our lives. Our attention spans are getting shorter, we have a hard time concentrating on things. Moreover, our memories are deteriorating, we basically take help from Google for every query, don’t even try to think hard.


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Our pet phrase all day everyday is “GOOGLE IT.” And when Google goes down and even the IT team of Google doesn’t know what happened we know we’re in trouble.


LEGIT the best one out there!


Every BING, Yahoo, Mozilla, DuckDuckGo, Hotmail User Had the time of their lives

And the day was saved when Google was restored, thanks to Google team!


At least the memes were amazing and we all had a good time laughing our hearts out at them.

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