Sham Idrees’ Wife, Froggy Was Punched Last Night At Her Karachi Meet-Up & Someone Needs To Stop This Madness!

Image Source: Youtube

It’s hard to miss out on the Sham-Ducky beef when every other Youtuber in Pakistan is sharing their 2 cents. But its even harder to cancel out the ear-deafening noise filled with hate that has spread among the young vulnerable minds as a result of this tussle. Froggy getting punched at her meet & greet session by some Ducky fan last night is the reason why this whole squabble needs to end!

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How did it all start?

A year ago, famous Pakistani roaster Ducky Bhai (Saad) and Sham Idrees had a very big fight on the internet and things went only downhill from there. Ducky had made a roast video of Sham and the latter refused to take it with a pinch of salt and instead went on to get Saad’s FB page and the related videos deleted.

Ducky had to pay a hefty cost for exercising his creative rights and thus, started a beef between the two Youtubers which involved several public videos. However, few days into it, the dust settled and everyone went their ways.

Then, why is this happening all over again?

A few days back, Sham Idrees along with his wife Froggy came to Pakistan and on his arrival, Sham reached out to Ducky to clear things up. The only thing is it only got worst!

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Sham badly wanted to redeem his rep. after the following incident in his Islamabad meet-up and so, he started insisting Saad for a collaboration.

Saad although forgave Sham but declined the offer because he didn’t want to associate his work with the likes of Sham which is understandable given the below average quality of Idrees’ content.

However, what followed was utterly disgusting! Sham Idrees prank called Saad’s parents and threatened the whole family. This was the moment when things got off the roof and the whole Pakistani community united to condemn the act.

Ducky also posted a video on his Youtube channel, warning that if something happens to him or his family, Sham should be held responsible.

Froggy got punched!

Amidst all this drama, when Sham Idrees and his wife Froggy went to Oceans mall for a meet-and-greet session last night where they were received by a crowd chanting Ducky’s name.

However, things got out of hands suddenly and someone, in order to avenge Ducky, punched Froggy in her face.

Many including Ducky and Mooroo took to internet to condemn the violent behavior!

Froggy has also released a video, demanding that the Youtube channels of Ducky Bhai and co. should be taken down on the amount of spreading hate.

Someone needs to stop this madness!

Both the sides, ducky and Sham, should be held responsible for bringing the situation to this point. That said, nothing justifies violence! It’s not anymore about Youtube videos and content; the Youtubers community need to realize the extent of impact they have on people and how the whole fiasco is only promoting mob violence. God forbid, had the crowd charged against Froggy and Sham, nothing would have been left of them.

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Also, we must do away with the practice of seeking revenge by hurting someone’s women. It is 2019 and we cannot let that kind of unprogressive behaviour prevail in our society.

We hope that the Youtubers community in Pakistan will learn their lesson from this horrendous incident and show constraint in the future!