Finance Adviser, Hafeez Shaikh Claims Tomatoes Are Rs. 17/Kg & People Want To Know, “KAHAN?”

dr. abdul hafeez shaikh
Source: Samaa TV

Pakistani economy has certainly had a bad year. The steep rise in inflation coupled with rising joblessness have all placed the average citizen under quite a strain.

However, there’s at least one person in Pakistan who seems to be blissfully oblivious to the financial crunch that most households are struggling against.

In a video that is doing rounds on Twitter, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance and Revenue, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh told the media that tomatoes were being sold in Karachi at Rs. 17/kg.

When a reporter asked Dr. Shaikh from where could he buy tomatoes at Rs. 17/kg, the Finance Adviser asked him to “…Go and check” for himself and then walked away smiling.

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Understandably, it wasn’t just the reporters but basically EVERYONE who wanted to know the location of the mystery tomatoes from Dr. Hafeez Shaikh.

This guy was quick to post a copy of his bill and the tomatoes he bought were certainly not being sold at Rs. 17/Kg.

This gentleman from Peshawar was disappointed after he checked the price of tomatoes near him…

Some netizens started casting doubt on Dr. Hafeez Shaikh’s mental prowess – ooopppsss…

Now, we absolutely have no doubt on Dr. Shaikh’s credibility as an economist. However, we are extremely curious to know what made a man so learned make a statement so ill-informed?

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