Fashion Disasters At Hum Style Awards Trigger A Meme Storm!

Hum style awards memes
Image Source: Twitter

This year’s Hum Style Awards (HSA) was graced by many celebs whose fashion mistakes generated a plethora of memes on social media.

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A large majority of the fashion brigade was unable to find ONE attire that they genuinely liked; it looked like the whole media fraternity unanimously had a wardrobe malfunction. And of course, the best way netizens could comment on those fashions disasters was to make memes out of it.

Let’s have a look at some of the best ones.

Looking at one of the attendees’ attire, one social media user quipped that the person in conversation assumed HSA would be held ‘underwater.’

While this person above did become a highlight of the event, actresses Alizeh Shah and Amar Khan became the butt of a majority of the jokes.

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People on the internet couldn’t hold back from making memes out of their attires and gestures.

Spot on!

Expectation Vs Reality…

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When you ask for saste mein Deepika Padukone.

Oh, looks like the inspiration wasn’t transformed into reality that well.

Some of the users got busy fixing her dress!

How it started Vs How it’s going!

LOL, looks like this year’s awards were cartoon-themed.

Ooh, that subtle dig!

Joke’s on Ali Xeeshan!

One user spotted clowns at the awards ceremony.

If you find more funny memes on Hum Style Awards, share them in the comments.