Do You Think You Can Solve This Ramazan Knowledge Quiz

Ramazan Quiz
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This Ramazan special quiz will test your knowledge of Ramazan. Solve this quiz to see if you have what it takes to pass this test.

True or false: The Quran was the only holy book revealed by Allah during the month of Ramazan?

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Fasting during Ramazan is which of the 5 pillars in Islam?

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On which day does Eid-ul-Fitr occur?

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On the Day of Judgement, those who fasted Ramazan will be told to enter paradise through which gate?

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True or false: Eating out of forgetfulness will break your fast?

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Ramazan occurs during which month in the Islamic Calendar?

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Laylat-ul-Qadr is a night greater than:

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Which famous battle took place during the month of Ramazan?

Battle of Badr Khilafah
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Do You Think You Can Solve This Ramadan Knowledge Quiz
Uh Oh. You failed the test.

You failed the test miserably. You might just been drowsy because of the hectic Ramazan routine or perhaps you genuinely lack enough knowledge about the Holy Month. In either case, try giving the quiz another shot!

Good Job

You did quite alright but you might have misclicked an option or two, which is why you missed acing the quiz by a tiny margin. Nevertheless, good job!

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You aced the test!!! I am truly impressed with your Ramazan knowledge! I hope you're lavish about sharing your understanding of the Holy Month with those around you!

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