Despite All Flaws What Imran Khan Delivered Must Be Acknowledged

Imran Khan Initiatives and Delivered

It is the most expected of practices to criticize the ruling party. One can say, it’s a force of habit. And so, in service of this very habit, a lot can be said – a lot has already been said – about the many things that Imran Khan and his PTI could have delivered but did not.

However, this piece is not about what could have been done better or what was outrightly done wrong by either Khan or his party. This piece is about putting aside our partisan loyalties for the next three minutes and acknowledging what Khan got right while at the helm of affairs.

1. Sehat Card and yes it is a BIG DEAL!

Sehat Card Imran Khan

2. Emphasis on the poor in policymaking. Hence Ehsas.

Ehsas PTI Naya Pakistan
Source: The News

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3. Afghanistan situation. It would be a mistake to go back  to the age of drones.

Imran Khan long march 2012 against drone strikes
Imran Khan, known for his long march politics first experimented with this tool in 2012 when he led a caravan of protesters from Islamabad to Waziristan to protest against U.S drone strike sin the tribal areas of Pakistan.

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4. Exemplary Indian response.

Restraint and contained aggression: that was his finest hour!

His speeches on Islamophobia, and Hindutva were also representative of Pakistan’s strong stance on subjects of both regional and global significance. Najam Sethi would not agree but then his opinion doesn’t count in this matter.

Imran Khan Islam Phobia
Source: The News

5. NCOC and an almost exemplary COVID response.

Made one believe that he was instinctively good at this.

Imran Khan's performance COVID-19
Source: Daily Times

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