PM Imran Khan Comes To The “Rescue Of Afghans & Americans In Times Of Desperate Need,” Shares US Journalist Glenn Beck In A Heartening Twitter Thread

Imran Khan Glenn Beck
Image Source: Twitter

American journalist, Glenn Beck praised PM Imran Khan for his remarkable leadership and compassion that helped journalists, aid workers, Afghan citizens and US citizens evacuate from Afghanistan.

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She took to Twitter to share a series of tweets of the events that led to their safe evacuation. Beck was full of praises for PM Khan and his help without which the needful couldn’t have been possible.

The US journalist wrote how she reached out to multiple leaderships around the world, but there was a lack of positive and prompt response from most of those in the political realm and the civil society. “The silence was shocking,” she said.

Despite all the repeated pleas falling on deaf ears, Beck was pleasantly surprised to immediately hear back from PM Khan. She was touched by the fact that he showed a willingness to help, regardless of the religious, racial and political differences.

It was about a humanitarian effort aimed at saving innocent victims facing certain death if left behind in a war-ravaged country where misunderstanding and suspicion take priority at present. He took the lead to save innocent lives irrespective of politics, race, religion, or culture, Beck wrote.

She furthered, “No other global leader that we have seen, took such an initiative to leverage his/her position to save the innocent putting humanity before politics and showing how much the great faiths have in common on the bridge of compassion.”

Glenn wrote how PM Khan asked his political party workers and those responsible to actively engage in this task and help in the immediate evacuation of the people stranded in Afghanistan.

In a heartening Twitter thread, Glenn Beck shared the details of how PM Imran Khan was there to help when many others failed to respond. And how he did this all for a humanitarian cause, ONLY!

Beck not only thanked PM Khan but also expressed that through this thread she wanted the world to recognize the PM’s humanitarian efforts and the lives he’s helped save in the last couple of days.

In her last tweet, she carefully warned everyone out there to not let media outlets fool them into painting a bad picture of PM Imran. She mentioned the names of all those parties PM Khan had helped safely evacuate and how his efforts meant so much to them.

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