COVID-19: 10 Precautions That Every Pakistani Should Take Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

coronavirus precautions
Source: Arab News

On Monday, the nationwide tally hit 184 as Sindh confirmed 150 patients of the novel coronavirus.

The sudden spike in the number of cases left Pakistanis in terror.

Here are 10 precautions that every Pakistani must take to avoid falling victim to the deadly coronavirus.

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1. Wash your hands frequently throughout the day for at least 20 seconds.

2. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth because that’s the way the virus could get into your body.

You can touch your face but only after you’ve washed your hands properly.

3. Keep a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol when you’re outside.

While there is a shortage of hand sanitizers in the market, here’s how you can make one for yourself.

4. Do not use biometric verifications anywhere. (Be it ATMs or your office, just avoid it.)

biometric verification
Source: Pakistan Today

5. Work from home or avail sick leaves even if you’re feeling slightly sick.

work from home
Source: Forbes

6. Utilize the option of online shopping whenever possible.

You don’t have to go out for grocery even. Several superstores (Al-Fatah, Metro) offer delivery services that you can avail.

Source: Medium

7. Social distancing is the only way forward in this pandemic. So, avoid going to mosques and pray at home.

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8. Avoid physical contact with others as much as possible.

physical contact ~ coronavirus precautions
Source: World Health Organisation (WHO)

9. Try to maintain a distance of at least six feets when talking to others.

10. Lastly, keep yourself well-informed and only rely on reliable sources to keep yourself away from false information.

Follow these precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the novel coronavirus!