10 Conflicting Thoughts That Crossed My Mind After Reading Iffat Omar’s Apology Tweet

Iffat Omar's Tweet
Image Source: Twitter

Last week a video started circulating on social media where PML-Q’s minister, Tariq Bashir Cheema, and his family were seen being administered for COVID-19 vaccine out of turn at his residence.

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In the video, one of the users spotted Iffat Omar being administered, too, for the jab.

Following this, a social media outcry ensued which compelled the persons in question to come forward and give an explanation. Both the minister and Omar denied the allegations, saying they were being vaccinated against a trial vaccine.

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Now, a week later, Iffat Omar’s apology tweet has confused me. There are many conflicting thoughts running in my head right now.

1. Isn’t this a bit too convenient to apologize over a tweet?

2. Well, at least she has the guts to come out and issue an apology when others in that room seem less than remorseful.

3. Also, the Minister was adamant that he hasn’t done anything wrong for getting a booster shot of a trial vaccine, so Omar’s acceptance that she’s done something wrong is worthy of praise.

4. How can they forgive her so easily when she potentially stole a life-saving vaccine from an elderly who really needed it.

5. It was only a week ago when people were bashing her through and through, and now they’ve forgiven her like nothing ever happened.

6. Now that Iffat Omar has apologized for her act, will Mr. Tariq Cheema come forward and redeem himself, or not?

7. Okay so, she’s willing to compensate 10 people for jumping queue to get the vaccine. Seems like a rational thing to do.

8. Why didn’t she apologize in the first place? She’s only apologetic because she was caught red-handed, eh?

9. Maybe she’s doing this to save her career; so that Pakistan doesn’t cancel her?

10. Can’t tell if she’s sincerely apologetic or doing this because she’s in public eye and there’s large scrutiny for her.

Anyhow, we know that everything is done and dusted, even then we cannot dismiss the fact that what Iffat Omar did was downright disgraceful. And this is especially disheartening to see it coming from a showbiz personality who has lately projected herself as a woke and outspoken part of the Pakistani elite. If the woke and outspoken are going to use their influence to jump the queue to get the vaccine out of turn, then what hope is there for the rest of us?


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