Pakistani Female Riders Share Traumatizing Accounts Of Their Careem Experiences But Does The Company Care?

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The stories of Careem captains harassing their female riders on social media have become a recurrent happening.

Careem sexual harassment pakistan

After repeated cries from female riders on social media the company has issued periodic statements reaffirming its commitment to safety and security of its customers.

However, these statements have begun to increasingly sound like run-of-the-mill responses to quell public uproar and to momentarily appease female customers.

The last few months have especially seen a rise in reports of sexual harassment by female Careem riders in Pakistan.

Let’s take the case of this female doctor for instance, who took to Twitter only a few days ago to share her ordeal of having to take a Careem ride to her workplace.

The captain misguided and lied to the customer taking advantage of the Ashura situation in the country just to charge her more than the usual fare. Upon reaching the destination, when he was confronted, he shouted and hurled abuses at the female rider while threatening to harm her!

Here are the details as shared by the rider herself 👇

Another girl stepped forward and shared how she went through a similar incident where she was continuously harassed by her driver throughout the ride.

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Then there is the issue of captains sharing the private details of the female riders with other men threatening the safety of the customers and in complete violation of the company rules and regulations.

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And there are countless other incidents that have been reported where the customers were scammed and looted by the captains themselves!

What shocks one is the fact that despite complaining to the customer care every time, these incidents haven’t stopped and going by the number of disgruntled female customers it seems that they have only increased in the last few months. This only goes to show that perhaps, despite years of experience in the industry now, the protection of its female customers against sexual harassment is perhaps not a priority of Careem in Pakistan.

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