Bolo: A Digital Platform that Provides Reliable Information about COVID-19 & Other Services in Pakistan

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Bolo is a digital initiative that aims to provide users with trustworthy, clear, relevant, and objectively verified information on key services in Pakistan, most notably COVID-19, civil and legal documentation, and social safety.

The Bolo platform operates digitally through a bilingual website and Facebook page. While the website provides users with reliable information from authentic sources, Bolo’s dedicated team of moderators answer queries throughout the week through the Bolo Facebook page.

COVID-19 Information on the Bolo Website

The Bolo team compiles information regarding COVID-19 services in Pakistan from government and non-government sources. Once compiled, this information is posted on the website in both English and Urdu languages in the form of articles.

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The website also offers a detailed service map covering all four provinces. It is important to mention here that most of the services listed in this section of the website are mostly free-of-cost or partially free for vulnerable communities.

You can also Engage Directly with the Bolo Team through Facebook Messenger

To receive urgent guidance on COVID-19, people can also send a private message to the Bolo team via Facebook Messenger. The requested information can range from COVID-19 SOPs and prevention guidelines to the availability of services in a particular area of Pakistan. These queries can be sent in both Urdu and English languages. This information is gathered from authentic sources such as guidelines provided by the Government of Pakistan and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Bolo’s team of trained moderators responds to queries from Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Moreover, Bolo’s website and Facebook page are regularly updated with content to keep the users engaged and informed.